Crap parkers

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You know what I really hate? Crap parkers. People that have a car, and that, according to them, needs to take up atleast 1.5 parking spots. Parking so badly that you – parked nicely in between the lines, in the bloody center – can’t get in or out of your car anymore, save by crawling in the car over the seats.


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Today the government of Flanders imposed another “Smog alert”, atleast until tomorrow evening.

Thank you for polluting

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I’ve often wondered why people insist on letting their cars run when:

Prius prejudice

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What’s with people and their prejudice against the Prius?

It’s decided! It’s ordered!

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Today I went for another testdrive with the Toyota Prius, longer this time – 2 hours – to see how the car handled in all the usual traffic, and also to be able to judge the seats, the radio, the cruise control, the multi-info-display, everything.

Test-drive with Toyota Prius

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Today I managed to get a testdrive with the Toyota Prius (thanks to Garage Holvoet in Dendermonde).

Cars – part 2

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Continuing from my previous post, I’ve now visited a bunch of car manufacturers: (all cars are diesel fueled except the hybrid)