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Installing Displaylink drivers on Fedora 37

1 minute read

I have an Asus ZenScreen MB16AC which uses Displaylink as its display technology. On usb-c you can just plug this in and it’ll work, but on my ancient laptop I only have usb-a ports. The display does come with an USB-A to USB-C convertor - so let’s try ;)

Increasing Mastodon’s post size

less than 1 minute read

Mastodon comes with a default post size of 500 characters. This is not set in stone, and can be increased fairly easily (last tested on Mastodon 4.0.2):

Dark theme in Flatpak apps

less than 1 minute read

To get flatpak’s to honor your systems dark mode and not show you horrible white menubars, you can use this little snipplet:

Deploying a Mastodon server on Oracle Cloud

3 minute read

I’ve been meaning to test out Mastodon again for a while. It’s is best described as a federated version of the blue bird platform (Twitter), while not being Twitter. No ads, no algorithms.