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SSH’ing to Unifi equipment with Fedora 37

1 minute read

Connecting to Unifi equipment (Switch 8/AP AC Pro) from Fedora37 fails out of the box with a very useful error Bad server host key: Invalid key length. This is because the dropbear used on these devices is woefully out of date, and still requires the use of ssh-rsa (with SHA1), which has been deprecated by OpenSSH in 2021,

Now using less external services!

less than 1 minute read

So back in 2019 I moved the site from WordPress to Jekyll (using Minimal Mistakes), and from Gandi to AWS Serverless.

Lenovo Thinkpad T14s Gen3 (AMD)

3 minute read

10 years ago I bought a Dell XPS13 L322x ultrabook as a replacement for my white Macbook 2,1. This week I replaced the Dell with something newer: a Lenovo Thinkpad T14s Gen3 (AMD).

Using Hetzner Storageboxes as backup targets for Restic/Rclone

2 minute read

For my offsite backup strategy I’m relying on rclone and restic. Rclone is being used to encrypt/copy backups taken by Proxmox Backup Server (which takes backups of the VM’s/Linux Containers running on Proxmox VE, deduplicates and compresses the data) to remote storage, while restic is used to do deduplication/encryption and copying of data stored on my NAS to remote storage.