About Me…

My name is Jan De Luyck, currently inhabiting a small town near Lochristi. I’m happily living together with my partner, Diana.

I’ve studied Applied Computer Sciences at the Hogeschool Gent, and as such, I’m pretty much a technical-minded person. I’m mostly busy dealing with technology – be it at home, on Linux, Android, related to some hardware projects, software, or at work.

In 2001, after graduating, I went to work for Tri-enniuM (now known as Rivium), as a consultant for Reuters real-time trading environments. I’ve since moved on, and now work for KBC, as a systems engineer – busy with the architecture of our Linux / Unix platforms, and providing 3rd level support for our in-house customers.

In my spare time I’m also a singer (tenor) at Kamerkoor Furiant in Ghent, a bagpipe player at the Flemish Caledonian Pipes & Drums “Clan MacKenzie”, an avid pen-and-paper role-player and a fan of boardgames :)

In case you want to contact me, there are several ways:

If you don’t want to use the ones above, you can also contact me through [email protected].