About kcore.org

I registered this domain several years ago (2003, I believe) after having run a personal website on another domain – blind-guardian.org (maintained as a fan-site of the heavy metal group). I wanted something a bit more professional, a bit more personal, and something that fit ‘me’. Since I’m a geek, kcore.org seemed a natural fit ;)

The name itself is derived from the /proc/kcore file which can be found in e.g. GNU/Linux systems. It is a virtual file, representing the RAM the kernel can allocate.

Back in 2003 I wrote a custom CMS for this site – with the high hopes of one day distributing this CMS to a wider public. That day never came, life happened, and updating content was a royal pain. Not much moved on the site, but a blog was born next to it, on which I published my ramblings.

I decided to merge this the (old) content of the site into the blog, and put t as my main page. It made much more sense in the long run - easier to maintain, easier to update.

As a final move, I moved the blog from WordPress to a Jekyll generated static site - I was getting tired of having to update WordPress continuously.