Prius prejudice

What’s with people and their prejudice against the Prius?

People first ask me what car I bought, then usually give me one of the following answers:

  • Ewwwwww (and all it’s variations)
  • Thats a car for old people!
  • Such an ugly thing!
  • Hybrid? So you have to plug it in at home?

and countless others.

You also have the other kind of answers:

  • Cool! Eco!
  • Wow, congratz

but those are still in the minority.

Please, people, get informed before formulating your opinions at me. Thank you, please run along now.

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  1. I still get the ‘do you have to plug it in?’ question all the time. They’re more common here now, but when I first got mine in 2002, complete strangers would approach me in the parking lot to ask me about the car. Mechanics wanted to see under the hood. And it was like being in an exclusive club – when you saw other Prius owners, they’d honk and wave, and compare notes on how much they loved their cars.

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