It’s decided! It’s ordered!

Today I went for another testdrive with the Toyota Prius, longer this time – 2 hours – to see how the car handled in all the usual traffic, and also to be able to judge the seats, the radio, the cruise control, the multi-info-display, everything.

My judgement: it drives great, the seats are very comfy, and it’s oh.. so.. quiet ;) The fuel economy for my trip of 130km was 4.7/100km, which isn’t bad at all – not having driven a Prius this long before, and not taking special measures to limit gas usage.

So, in the end, I finally comitted, and ordered a Red Toyota Prius!

Toyota Prius - RED!
Now I only have to be patient until somewhere in March 2008 for it to be made and delivered to me.. plenty of time to go look for good insurance ;)

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  1. And yes, together with the fact that I’m going to work at a bank – I’m now officially OLD! :p

  2. nah, you’re not old, only *whisper*responsible*whisper* *cough**cough*

    Besides, if you were OLD, that’d make me close to old. Can’t be!

  3. Yay for the Prius! See, I told you to pick that car. Next time save yourself time and just do as I say. Okay? Good. Momma Zanne has spoken.

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