Cars – part 2

Continuing from my previous post, I’ve now visited a bunch of car manufacturers:
(all cars are diesel fueled except the hybrid)

ToyotaAuris Luna Pack
(1.4 / 2.0)
+ Great outfit for lowish price
+ 5 years warranty
– Too narrow for two persons
– Finishing not really that
– 1.4 too weak, 2.0 too expensive
Prius Sol+ Great outfit
+ Ecologically sound
+ Geeky
– Automatic instead of manual shift
– Different way of driving
– Expensive

HondaCivic Comfort 2.2+ Very nice car
+ Great interior/exterior design
– Too costly in taxes…
Civic Hybrid+ Low emissions
– Trunk is too small
– Hybrid isn’t that useful if you always are in high RPM’s
KiaCee’d EX / Executive
1.6 CRDi 115hp
+ 7 years warranty!
+ Great outfit for low price
– Seats too hard
– Cheapish finish
MitsubishiColt 1.5 DiD InviteThe car reminds me of my parent’s 14-year old Mitsubishi… sturdy, and that’s it. Luxury is non-existant.
VolkswagenGolf On-Tour 1.9 105hp+ Sturdy and well finish
+ Custom-tailored
– Expensive
– Only 2 years warranty

Right now I’m doubting between the Kia and the Volkswagen… If the seats in the Kia hadn’t made my back hurt for the remainder of a day (after a 20 min drive) it would win hands-down, but now, it doesn’t…

(edit on 07/11/11: added the Prius)

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