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I’m in the market for a car.

Why, you might ask? Because my future work will no longer give me a car to use. That’s fine, the payrise covers it (and more ;) )

The questions are:

  • what car?
  • new or second hand?

Half of my friends tell me to buy a new car (even my dad told me to buy a new one – I drive accident free, so why not). The other half of my friends tell me to buy a second-hand one, since a new one is ‘throwing away money’. They have a point too.

And what car to buy… I was doubting for a while to go with a Toyota Auris, but the space when sitting with two is too little, it feels very cheaply built and the engine ain’t that (the 1.4 diesel, the 2.0 is too expensive). So I scrapped Toyota, and right now the Volkswagen Golf (On-Tour edition) with extras. Very nice car, not cheap (unfortunately).

Tomorrow I’ll go and have a look at the Kia Cee’d and the Honda Civic Hybrid.

So, what do you (dear reader) think?


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