Test-drive with Toyota Prius

less than 1 minute read

Today I managed to get a testdrive with the Toyota Prius (thanks to Garage Holvoet in Dendermonde).


  • Very quiet. Amazingly quiet. Sheesh. Too quiet :p
  • Very smooth driving. You don’t notice the engine starting or stopping unless you really pay attention
  • Comfy seats
  • Distracting multi-info display. It’s too tempting to watch :p
  • The CVT is nice, but strange (normal since I’m used to driving stick-shift cars)
  • Annoying beeping when driving backwards – it’s a safety feature, since in this mode it’s only running on electric power
  • Slow-ish feeling acceleration – but this could have been me. I’m very careful with other people’s cars ;)
  • The absense of engine noise makes you drive too fast very easily – this is something to get used to

Overall, I’m very pleased with the car. It’s currently on my nr. 1 spot.