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You know what sucks…

less than 1 minute read

… waking up at 6 in the morning, because you hear a certain sound you associate with water that’s coming under high pressure from a tap.

R.E.M. - Find The River

1 minute read

Hey now, little speedyhead, The read on the speedometer says You have to go to task in the city Where people drown and people serve Don’t be shy. Your just deserve Is only just light years to go

Automounting SMB/CIFS shares on Mac OS X

less than 1 minute read

For my PVR/HTMAC project, I wanted to auto-mount several shares from my NAS. After some searching I ran across this hint on the Mac OS X Hints website, which works perfectly:

Mac mini PVR

less than 1 minute read

I recently acquired a Mac Mini, which I’m going to use as a PVR.