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Using JACK for lower-latency audio on Linux for piano practice

3 minute read

About a month and a bit in me learning the piano, I’ve had to rethink my remote piano learning setup. The latency was at points really annnoying (sometimes nearly a second) - it’s confusing when you hit a key and only hear it when you’re hitting the next key. So, time to look for a lower-latency setup.

Advent of Code

less than 1 minute read

Some IRC friends of mine recently made me aware of the Advent Of Code, so I’ve decided to partake in Python ;)

Migrating from the Ubiquiti USG to OPNsense on a PCEngines APU2E4

1 minute read

As Ubiquiti seems to have abandoned any development for their UniFi Security Gateway - the last “stable” update (version 4.4.51) was more than a year ago, wasn’t all that stable and doesn’t fix many outstanding issues - I’ve decided that it’s time to move to something else to fill my routing/firewalling needs.