htmlpop! 0.5

less than 1 minute read

This script allows you to download POP3 mailboxes over an HTTP interface. I wrote it to allow me to get my mail through the company’s http proxy server.


To install it, put the htmlpop.php script somewhere on a PHP4 enabled webserver.
Also, make sure the directory where you are installing this script has it’s permissions set so the user of the http process can write to it (usually making it world writable helps. Just don’t put anything of value in that directory!)


From any webbrowser (or file getting tool like wget), call the url as follows:


The script takes the following parameters:

  • popHost=
  • popUser=
  • popPass=

This will probably take a while (depending on the size of the mail in your mailbox), but after a while your browser should ask you where to store the file.

The file itself is an mbox-compatible file containing the contents of your mailbox.