Vmware console on Debian Lenny

I just installed VMWare server on my gf’s linux-laptop, but the server console didn’t want to start for some reason… Just came back to the command line, nothing happening.

Running vmware as
LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libdbus-1.so.3:$LD_PRELOAD vmware made things work, strangely enough ;)

Guess it’s because she’s not running any dbus-aware windowmanager, and thus said library not being loaded before the start of the server console. Ah well, fixed now ;)

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  1. Re: VMRC , debian, iceweasel (firefox), vSphere web client

    When first trying to access a VM’s console via the vSphere Web Client (using Debian’s default firefox-ish iceweasel browser) , it wants the user to download/install VMware-VMRC.x86_64.bundle , which has to be run as root.

    The install soon presents a dialog for configuring firefox’s system-wide plug-ins directory, but presents a default of /usr/lib/firefox/plugins (or /mozilla-firefox/ ?), which does not work. For me, changing that dir to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins gets the VMRC console app working under debian-ish linuxes.

    Winds up with mozilla/plugins/np-vmware-vmrc-e.x.p-422570.so

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