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Fixing your VMWare's guest clock

less than 1 minute read

If you’re using VMWare on a variable-speed processor (like all most modern cpu’s these days) you might have noticed that sometimes the guest OS runs a lot faster (causing the guest clock to run faster and all kinds of weird effects).

Vmware console on Debian Lenny

less than 1 minute read

I just installed VMWare server on my gf’s linux-laptop, but the server console didn’t want to start for some reason… Just came back to the command line, nothing happening.

Ubuntu LTS… not so very L?

less than 1 minute read

Ubuntu has these versions of it’s distribution they label LTS: Long Term Support. Now seems that if you use an LTS, and want to go to the next LTS… you’ll have the pleasure of either breaking your system, or reinstalling from scratch.