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I reflashed my good old Linksys WRT54G router two weeks back, from using Sveasoft Talisman to DD-WRT. I must say, I’m happily amazed with the quality of this firmware. And, it’s for free too :D (you have to pay a 20$/year subscription fee for sveasoft to have access to their firmwares)

You’ll get tons of nice features like:

  • 13 languages
  • 802.1x (EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) encapsulation over LANs)
  • Access Restrictions
  • Adhoc Mode
  • Afterburner
  • Client Isolation Mode
  • Client Mode (supports multiple connected clients)
  • Client Mode WPA
  • DHCP Forwarder (udhcp)
  • DHCP Server (udhcp or Dnsmasq)
  • DNS forwarder (Dnsmasq)
  • DMZ
  • Dynamic DNS (DynDNS, TZO, ZoneEdit)
  • Hotspot Portal (Sputnik Agent ,Chillispot)
  • IPv6 Support
  • JFFS2
  • MMC/SD Card Support
  • NTP client in a client-server basis
  • Port Triggering
  • Port Forwarding (max. 30 entries)
  • QoS Bandwidth Management (Optimize for Gaming and Services / Netmask / MAC / Ethernet Port Priority)
  • QoS L7 Packet Classifier l7-filter)
  • PPTP VPN Server & Client
  • Ntop Remote Statistic
  • Syslog to remote server
  • RFlow/MACupd
  • Routing: Static entries and Gateway, BGP, OSPF & RIP2 via (BIRD)
  • Samba FS Automount
  • Rx/Tx Antenna (Select or Auto)
  • Show Status of Wireless Clients and WDS with System Uptime/Processor Utilization
  • Site Survey
  • SNMP
  • SSH server & client (dropbear)
  • Startup, Firewall, and Shutdown scripts (startup script)
  • Static DHCP Assignment
  • Style (Changeable GUI; v.23)
  • Supports New Devices (WRT54G V3, V3.1, V4, V5 and WRT54GS V2.1, V3, V4)
  • Telnet server & client
  • Transmit Power Adjustment (0-251mW, default is 28mW, 100mW is safe)
  • UPnP
  • VLAN
  • Wake On Lan client (WOL)
  • WDS Connection Watchdog
  • WDS Repeater Mode
  • Wireless MAC Addresses Cloning
  • Wireless MAC filter
  • WMM (Wi-Fi MultiMedia QoS)
  • WPA over WDS
  • WPA/TKIP with AES
  • WPA2
  • Xbox Kaid (Kai Engine)

I can really recommend this firmware to any WRT54G user. Really :) It works great!