Telenet and Unifi

1 minute read

Some months back a friend of mine wanted to switch over to the Unifi platform (which I’ve been using now for about a year), and get it to play nice with his Telenet ISP setup aswell.

Network diagram

This means:

  • Getting WAN IP addresses to the Telenet Digicorders
  • Getting a WAN IP to his Unifi Secure Gateway
  • Making the USG the DHCP server (and everything else) for the rest of the network
  • Making sure all the traffic from the LAN remains isolated from the WAN

With Unifi, this is fairly easily to solve. The following assumes you’ll be using a Unifi controller version 5.12 (or higher), as the menu structure changed drastically between 5.11 and 5.12.

  • Create a new network:
    Settings → Networks → Local Networks
    Create a new Advanced Network of the type VLAN. Set the VLAN ID to something that you haven’t used before. We’ll call this “Telenet WAN”
  • Create a new switch profile:
    Settings → Configuration Profiles → Switch Profiles There should be a new switch profile visible with the same name as the Network you created earlier. If not, create it.
  • Configure switch ports: Devices → Select switch → Ports
    Configure the ports as follows: Port of the Telenet Modem, USG, digicorder: Select the “Telenet WAN” profile Port of the USG LAN: LAN profile All other ports: LAN profile

This will make sure that all traffic behind the “Telenet WAN” ports will get routed to the Telenet modem, and the rest via the USG ;)