One week of working!

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After one week of working again, here’s a quick .. urr.. reviewish kind of thingy:

Worky worky!

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Today, my stay of 1.5 months at home comes to an end, and I’m going back to work! Yay!

So long… and thanks for all the fish!

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As some of you might already know, last friday was my last day of work for Tri-enniuM (and ergo, Reuters and KBC). I went to say goodbye at our head-office in Rotterdam on the 25th, gave a farewell drink for the collegues at KBC on the 26th, and finally left the company on the 28th. It’s still somewhat strange, being that this was my first job after leaving school. Oh well, we move on in life…

Uhm.. thanks CTG ;)

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I know some companies are thankful when an employee chooses to work for them (like I did – choosing to go work for CTG)… but it’s a first that the employer actually sends flowers to your home address with a thank you note :P

Work-event: Karting!

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Today we went Karting with work in Brussels Kart, a karting / expo / restaurant thing in Groot-bijgaarden (just outside of Brussels).

Allnighters at work

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Okay, first time I spend an entire night at work, because of a multicast routing problem. It took us a while to diagnose and to figure out where it went wrong and why it did… And having spent a 12h shift before, and then after would’ve been quite deadly ;p