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Managing TP-Link easy smart switches from Linux

2 minute read

I’ve recently acquired some TP-Link ‘Easy Smart’ managed switches - cheap, decently built (metal casing), and a lot of features above the usual unmanaged stuff:

OpenWRT, dual routers, dual SSIDs and VLANS

4 minute read

Back in the day I used to have one router in the house: the D-Link DIR-825, flashed with OpenWRT. Configured with two SSIDs - one for internal network use, and one for guest access - the latter being separate from the internal network of the flat.

Using WiiMotes (and classic controllers) on Windows

1 minute read

After the latest lan-party with some friends, where we played a lot of Rocket League, it dawned on me that this game (and numerous others) is probably a lot easier to play with a game controller instead of the mouse/keyboard combination. And as I have the WiiMote and the Wii Classic Controller lying around, I thought I’d have a go at getting these to work on Windows (as opposed to buying someth...

Happy Xmess!

less than 1 minute read

In yearly tradition..