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In the past (before the introduction of the new design/engine/…), you were able to import Certificate Authority certificates without problems. The new version took that away, unfortunately.

After being fedup with getting warnings all the time for my home infrastructure (on which I use a custom CA with home-generated certificates), I finally found how to get this to work.

You’ll need a fairly new version of Firefox for Android for this to work.

In short:

  • Import your certificate into Android.
    You can do this via Settings → Security → Advanced → Encryption & credentials → Install a certificate on stock Android.
    Search in settings on ‘certificate’ and you should find it.
    You’ll have to copy the certificate file to your Android device, or download it somehow.

  • Tell Firefox to trust the system certificate store. Very convoluted way to do this:

    • Go to settings in Firefox
    • Tap on “About Firefox”
    • Tap on the logo seven times
    • Go back one menu, and now there’s a setting called “Secret Settings”
    • Enable the check for “Use third party CA certificates”

Why, Mozilla, why?!