phptelemeter 1.36-beta2 released

less than 1 minute read

I’ve just released phptelemeter 1.36-beta2. This version includes the following changes:

  • Added support to set timezone from the application as opposed to systemwide via php.ini
  • Removed call-time pass-by-reference function calls (deprecated in php 5.3)
  • Corrected ‘php version too low’ error to actually ask for php >= 5.0.0
  • Added subaccount parameter to account section, to select the actual account in case there are multiple under the same login
  • Updated mobilevikings_api parser to new API (2.0)
  • The edpnet_web parser is dropped for now – I haven’t been able to figure out sofar how to make it work again against their new AJAX-drive site
  • Fixed telemeter4tools parser, telenet’s WSDL is faulty…
  • Added reset_date to mobilevikings_api parser

As per usual, you can download it from SourceForge.