Cadaver and proxy auth

less than 1 minute read

At work we regularly have to send over files to $vendor. $Vendor has two ways of accepting files: FTP, and Webdav (over https). Since our company’s policy is to not send things out unencrypted, we have to go the webdav way. It’s also the policy to send things over our internetproxy if possible.

After some searching for a console-based webdav client we ran across cadaver, a lightweight client that seemed to do the trick. It has proxy support, so great ;)

What isn’t so great is that it doesn’t have any way to supply the proxy authentication in a non-interactive way, which is crucial to allow us to script this file transfer.

Today I took the time to create a patch that allows just that – setting the proxy info in advance. It also includes a parameter to trust the server certificate implicitly, otherwise it was yet another step where cadaver would come and ask for user input.

Now it works like a charm! :)