40000 year-old stone vs iPhone 3G

rock vs iphone

So true… ;)

(thanks to Gh0sty)

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  1. iPhone 3G is simply the best phone that i have owned. It is very stylish and its nice features. I also own an N97 but i like the iphone.

  2. Sure, to each it’s own. This image is ofcourse also quite old, dating back from the release of the original iPhone. They’ve fixed a ton of the issues there were since. I still don’t like it, though ;)

  3. the first batch of iPhone 3G was a bit pricey but now the price is more affordable than before. I bought two units of iPhone 3g and i am amazed of this phone.

  4. Well, the iPhone is still as expensive here as when it first came out – 600+ euros, which is way overpriced.

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