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I still haven’t found any mail client I really like on the Mac… I’ve been using Thunderbird now for a while, but it doesn’t really have what I want in a mail client. I guess I’m spoiled, since I’m used to using KMail at home (and I’m forced to use Lotus Notes at work – a horrible client from a usability point of view).

Recently I’ve been trying to get to work for me. It doesn’t have quite all the bells and whistles I like, but after looking up some things online it’s getting there.

Here are some handy things for to fix some of it’s shortcomings:

  • Adding custom headers to outgoing mails:
    Type this in
    defaults write UserHeaders '{"Reply-To" = "[email protected]"; }'
    Ofcourse you can replace the header with what you want, I used this to send a BCC copy to myself of every mail sent out)
  • Adding multiple mail addresses (aliases) to one mail account:
    You can type them in the “Email Address” field, separated by comma’s.
  • “Go to next unread message”:
    Use something like Fastscripts with the following AppleScript (from Macscripter)

    tell application “Mail” to try
    tell message viewer 1 to set selected messages to {first message of beginning of (get selected mailboxes) whose read status is false}
    on error
    end try

What I still need:

  • A way to improve the threading – it’s horrible
  • An easy way to switch from mailbox to mailbox through all the ones with unread messages

Let’s see if I find some way to fix those two… especially the threading.

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  1. Hi,

    I have the solution for the problem about threading. Do right click on icon bar in top of, than customize toolbar and just move the button “Threads” to the icon bar. Click “Done” and than you can use the icon for switching on/off threading…

    Have a nice day;)

  2. Thanks! I’ll check this out next time I try Mac OS X again… I’ve switched to Linux on my macbook meanwhile.

  3. I’ve just tested this threading – it’s still not quite what I want.

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