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I still haven’t found any mail client I really like on the Mac… I’ve been using Thunderbird now for a while, but it doesn’t really have what I want in a mail client. I guess I’m spoiled, since I’m used to using KMail at home (and I’m forced to use Lotus Notes at work – a horrible client from a usability point of view).

Recently I’ve been trying to get to work for me. It doesn’t have quite all the bells and whistles I like, but after looking up some things online it’s getting there.

Here are some handy things for to fix some of it’s shortcomings:

  • Adding custom headers to outgoing mails:
    Type this in
    defaults write UserHeaders '{"Reply-To" = "[email protected]"; }'
    Ofcourse you can replace the header with what you want, I used this to send a BCC copy to myself of every mail sent out)
  • Adding multiple mail addresses (aliases) to one mail account:
    You can type them in the “Email Address” field, separated by comma’s.
  • “Go to next unread message”:
    Use something like Fastscripts with the following AppleScript (from Macscripter)</p>

    tell application “Mail” to try
    tell message viewer 1 to set selected messages to {first message of beginning of (get selected mailboxes) whose read status is false}
    on error
    end try

What I still need:

  • A way to improve the threading – it’s horrible
  • An easy way to switch from mailbox to mailbox through all the ones with unread messages

Let’s see if I find some way to fix those two… especially the threading.