It’s oh so quiet…

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Yeah, yeah, I know, that title is about the lamest I could come up with. It’s appropriate though – since yesterday evening the main source of background noise when my pc is on is no longer my pc! I finally decided to get that noisebucket tamed, after hearing my brother-in-law’s new computer (or better, the lack of hearing it).

I replaced my old Atrix C9001-C4  (pic) case (which looks cool but is not that cool, you get tired of those fancy leds VERY quickly) with an Antec Sonata III (pic), and replacing my old boxed AMD CPU cooler with a Scythe Katana 2 CPU cooler (pic).

The difference this made to my background noise level is amazing. The noisiest things now are my harddisks… let’s go find some mufflers!