Switch? No thanks.

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Since I sold my trusty 3-year old Acer Travelmate 803, I was going to go and look in some stores for new laptops. Hopping around in Ghent, I walked off to the Fnac, noted the offers there (nothing that really drew my attention), and then to the Switch computer store (an authorized mac reseller). Their non-mac offerings are not too great (you can better go to another store), so I waited my turn at the counter, and when it was my time I asked for some more information about Macs and Mac OS X.

The usual fliers changed hands, and then I was offered a demo of the OS. Always nice, gives you a better insight into things, so I agreed.
Mistake. I’ve never been treated this badly in any store. You shouldn’t assume your customers are gullible children you can talk to in a way you’d talk to a 3-year old. That’s just not done. And I can’t stand it either..

So I walked out that minute, they can stuff their offers where the sun doesn’t shine!

(I have to say, Mac OS X looks damn spiffy…)