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In june 2006 I switched from the cable provider Telenet (Expressnet) to the ADSL/hosting provider Schedom / Dommel (Netconnect). I can’t say I’ve been sorry.

I left Telenet because of the not-of-this-time limits (10 gB download / 2 gB upload quota, abysmally slow ‘smallband’ (on which you’re put after you’ve consumed your quota, unless you cough up some more € – basically, it’s so slow you can’t even get on their pages to cough up the money!), the slow innovations, etc etc. The only things going for them is the (download) speed: (theoretical) 10 mbps down, 256kbps up, and their stability: in all those years (around 7-8) I didn’t notice a lot of downtime.

When I joined Dommel, their offer was simple: 50 gB quota, you do with it what you want. 4mbps down, 256 kbps up.

Since then, they’ve introduced numerous improvements (listed per active date):

  • August 2006: increased the connection limits to the newsserver (GigaNews)
  • December 2006: upload is no longer counted
  • February 2007:
    • boost package (higher upload speed and more quota, and higher speeds on mediumband)
    • increased newsserver retention (100 days, 99%+ retention)
  • March 2007:
    • happy hours (only 60% of traffic is counted between 01.00 AM and 01.00 PM)
    • new traffic counter which no longer counts ATM overhead (about 11%)

Needless to say, I’m happy with their offering and can advise them to anyone in Belgium! And no, I don’t have anything to gain by this. :p