I sold it on eBay…

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A while back (basically, in december) I decided to sell my Cisco Catalyst C2924-XL switch on eBay. Since I’ve done plenty of auctions before there, no problem! So, the item got sold to someone from the EasyHost company. Fine by me, I don’t really care who buys my stuff, as long as they follow up ;)

Sofar so good. Payment got in swiftly, I shipped out the switch the same week. I didn’t hear anything, so I thought everything was okay.


A week after, I got an email stating the switch was defective. Since I do pride myself on testing everything prior to sending it out, I found it odd. Still, shipping can (unfortunately) damage stuff. I first asked him what he got when he connected to the serial console, if he had set everything correctly (I put the serial console at 57600 baud instead of the regular slowass 9600), and so on.. Answer I got back: “Yes, everything is set correctly, it doesn’t work, please give me another item or refund”.

So, I told him to ship the stuff back, I’d refund.

Today, the item arrived. The package was incomplete (missing cables), and when testing the switch, everything worked perfectly.

That can so

piss me off. People like that aren’t worth your time. So, be warned when selling stuff to the snmc1800 eBay user!

And he won’t be getting his money back until he ships me the cables.

— EDIT —
Finally, after about 3 more weeks without answer I finally got answer after I threatened to just ‘close the deal as is’. Shows how much he really cares about doing decent business with people.