Irssi scripts

1 minute read

I recently started using the wonderful textbased IRC client called Irssi. It’s console based, scriptable in Perl, fast, low memory footprint.. really nice for the average geek ;p

As it does come with a nice collection of scripts, some holes were still left for it to be really to my liking. So I took up some perl scripting, and created some scrips of my own.

Disclaimer: These scripts are provided as is, without any guarantee of usability. I guarantee nothing, if it blows up your pc you get to keep all the pieces! If they work, that’s even better, but I don’t guarantee anything. You’ve got the source, read it, and judge for yourself – Yet Another Irssi Away Script

Okay, there are plenty of good away scripts for Irssi, yet none did what I wanted, that is to put me away with a fixed message, change my nick with a certain suffix, and then when I’m back restore my old nick. None did that *snif*. But well, I hacked on the original script and made my very own ;)


To use it, download the script, dump it in e.g. ~/.irssi/scripts, and load it in Irssi with /run yaiaways. After this you can set some options which you can see with /set away_:

away_reason = Away from keyboard
away_nick_suffix = [afk]

When you now call /away (without a reason) the script will use the ‘Away from keyboard’ text as your reason, and mark your nick with ‘[afk]’ at the end. Feel free to change those things.

Download – shows DCC info in the active window

This script is basically a copy-n-paste of Geert Hauwaert’s script, but made to put DCC information in the active window.


To use it, download the script, dump it in e.g. ~/.irssi/scripts, and load it in Irssi with /run active_dcc.