Cavies de luxe

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Seems they did like the changes I made to their cage… I had to modify a bit still, because appareantely they took to pooping on one corner of the cage, where the stairs used to be. Oh well, moved to the other side, and I added some cardboardish panels to the sides of their ‘loft’ so the hay doesn’t spill out so much anymore :)
I also made their floor ‘complete’ because for some reason Nero insists on smelling the bottom of the plate, and thus almost falling out (which he did once – no harm).

On weight news, the two blighters are getting big! (Check the Cavy stats)

And on other news, with their last change, I tried some new bedding, called NoSmell, which is made from some weird biologic material (I think it’s something that’s left over from making linen or so), mixed with some sort of pellets. It’s got a peculiar smell, not bad. So well, I tried it – it still doesn’t smell as much as it usually does on change-day (being every 4 days), but still, it was necessary to clean it out. It does absorb better, but in the end you’re stuck with such a kind of icky disgusting thick ‘pasteish’ like material… no thanks.

Seeing that that NoSmell crap costs about 5e for a two-times change, I think I’ll stick with my old style bedding ;) (costs around 8e for 28kg!)

But, they’re two happy critters again :)

Macchiatto Nero

(munching hay as I type).