phptelemeter 1.00 released!

2 minute read

I’ve just released phptelemeter 1.00. The first ‘stable’ *cough*

Here’s the changelog leading up from the very first version to this version ;)


  • Bugfix: parameter should be show_resetdate, not show_reset_date
  • Tagged as 1.0, testing reveiled no more bugs and it’s about time for a ‘full’ version ;)


  • Renamed the daily configuration file option to show_daily
  • Added new configuration file option show_reset_date
  • Added the GPL license
  • Made comment style more uniform throughout the code


  • Documentation updates
  • Finally was able to fix the telemeter4tools parser, since the URL is back online.
  • Fixed some small discrepancy in the telemeter_web parsing rules.
  • Added short-form command line options, and made command-line options case sensitive.


  • Added option show_graph (and command line –graph) to show (or not) the transfer graphs
  • Moved some common code to functions


  • Moved the calculation of the values to the main program instead of the parsers
  • Fixed problems with the telemeter_web parser and ‘big’ accounts.
  • Fixed problems with the telemeter_web parser when there was mentioning ‘free’ traffic on the telemeter site (Last two thanks to extensive testing by YvesDM)


  • Fixed a bug in the multi-account handling of the telemeter_web parser, thanks to YvesDM for reporting this.


  • Changed telemeter4tools parser to use the new SOAP url
  • Changed the publishers to reflect the new telemeter
  • Updated the NuSoap library
  • Updated the telemeter_web parser to be usable on the new pages.
  • Added more debugging code.


  • Bugfix release: wrong variable was passed in the getNeededModules() code.
  • PHP’s error reporting level will be set to E_ERROR E_WARNING at start of the script.


  • Implemented output publishers and moved existing output framework to that which adds:
    • publisher_plaintext
    • publisher_machine
  • Removed all useage of global();
  • Moved php module lists to the correct modules
  • Added publisher_html
  • Added workaround for telemeter endpoint b0rkage – telemeter4tools lives again!

0.23 (never released)

  • Since the telemeter4tools will automatically be ‘restored’ once Telenet fixes their SOAP url it’s not an issue to delay this release.
  • Added support for systemwide phptelemeterrc file (in /etc/)
  • Added –new-config parameter to make a dummy config file in the current directory.


  • Fixed telemeter_web parser b0rkage because of changes to the telemeter webpage. telemeter4tools parser is still broken…


  • Fixed statistic reporting miscalculation in telemeter_web module


  • Added possibility to put phptelemeter ‘systemwide’ and still find the modules ;p


  • Added Telemeter4Tools compliance
  • phptelemeter is now extensible with custom made datafeeders!


  • Fixed parsing of the telenet telemeter pages


  • Added functionality to dump output in files instead of stdout.


  • Updated human output to take volume exceeding into account.


  • Added check for needed php modules


  • Added support to query multiple accounts


  • Several small bugfixes.
  • Better output layout too.


  • Initial Release

As per usual, you can download it from SourceForge.