Motorola V3

1 minute read

A few weeks back I finally decided to get me (yet another…) new phone.. and I decided on the Motorola V3. Coming from using a multitude of phones from different vendors, this one took me the longest to get used to. It has a different style phonebook, the menu system is totally different, … Intuitive, yet different. The manual, on the other hand, is totally crap. Half of the things aren’t explained, but being a good geek – who reads manuals anyway? :P

Having had the phone now for a while, I can say I really love it :) It’s got a sleek design, the photographs aren’t the best (but hey, I’ve got a Canon A95 if I want to take photos), the sound quality is great, reception is great, phonebook could be better (only searching on the first letter for instance)

It comes bundled with MobilePhoneTools, which works, tho I kinda miss some of the functions the Nokia mobile phone suite has. Ah well..

On the fun side, I discovered that there’s a complete modding scene out there with respect to Motorola’s phones !

I’ve not taken the step yet to actually flashing my phone, but it all looks very interesting… :P