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I’ve often wondered why people are so rotten to other people, or why things happen in the way they do. I guess we just have to learn to live with the idea that there are folk out there that – just for the sheer fun of it – try to drive somebody totally in the ground. In a community – eg neighbours – we should all try to get along, since it’s in the interest of everyone, but there are certain individuals that don’t believe in the credo [i]The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few[/i]. Blergh.

Yes, I feel like ranting. Can’t help it. What do I want to rant about? Various things, things I can’t discuss here, things I can. Things material, like the crappyness of certain cars (Peugeot 106 comes to mind – temp lease car, I know, luxury problem, but still), like the fact that I’m currently not really very happy in my job (it’s way to calm here for my likings)… Things immaterial, like how sh*tty you can truly feel if something isn’t really going the way you’d like it to. Like this stupid jumpstart, which really ticked me off yesterday. (for those not knowing, a jumpstart is installing a server over network from an installation server so after the installation’s finished it’s all up and ready to rock ‘n roll). It got me so pissed if someone would have come along to bother me then I’d probably rammed it up his .

Whatever. Today’s a new day, and the sun is shi… oh, wait, it’s raining. Grrrrrrreat. Oh, but it’s full moon tonight, so it’s still great. Could be better, if the sun was shining. So maybe not great as in “Great!”, but just great.

Unrelated sidethought: be careful with your friends – they’re precious.