Hello there, Froyo (Android 2.2)

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Google released Android 2.2 – codename Froyo (for Frozen Yoghurt), giving Android users a nice speedboost.

Unfortunately, HTC decided they’re not going to release Froyo for the trusty old HTC Hero. And since I have one of those, I’m basically screwed.

Luckely, Google also releases the source code of Android, known as the Android Open Source Project (AOSP in short). And the fine folk at CyanogenMod and VillainROM took that source and baked it into something that works on our Hero’s: FroydVillain (1.5). A damn fast, optimized for the Hero ROM.

The downside? This is a naked Android ROM, so no HTC Sense goodies. There are plenty of replacements in the Android Market though, like LauncherPro (Plus) with it’s new widgets, Dolphin HD browser, and many more.

Android statues at Googleplex

I’ve been running it since and I’m very happy with it!