Wanna do drugs? Become a professional sportsperson!

I can get so goddamn annoyed at our local sport-crazy people…

The latest idiocy: Tom Boonen, a professional cyclist, has been caught (outside of a sports event) using cocaine. Using this drug is an offence, punishable by law.

What does our wonderful country do? “Oh, my, poor guy, he probably took it because he was so lonely… bad drugs! bad drugs! good Tom! Let’s make a martyr and a hero out of him, but most of all, let’s definitly not punish him!”

WTF?!? He’s just an idiot, who 1. doesn’t do SHIT for our country (he’s been living in Monaco since 2005, so we don’t really see any tax revenue from him), does harddrugs, and now says “I’m sorry” and everything is okay again?!?

His team is not gonna punish him. The government is not going to punish him. Luckely some other countries (thank you Switserland) have a bit more sense and banned him participating.

I really do hate this aspect of my country. Really really do.

iPhone rant

Really. What’s up with iPhone owners these days? They buy an overpriced piece of equipment, knowing:

  • it’s SIM-locked
  • it’s a closed platform, no 3rd party apps
  • it’s SIM-locked
  • you can’t change the battery yourself
  • did I say it’s SIM-locked?
  • Apple tells them they might void their warranty when modifying the iPhone
  • it’s still SIM-locked. To AT&T.

So, looks like they’ve been warned. But they don’t care, go ahead, and after a while the necessary unlock programs were created (kudos to the devteams who did this, it’s a nice feat of engineering), and iPhones where unlocked, new 3rd party applications were created, the works. Nice.

Next up, Apple comes with a firmware update. Tells people that this might brick their hacked iPhones. Do people heed the warning given by Apple? Nope, they flash anyway, and then loudly complain that their iPhone has become a very expensive paperweight (this can luckely and easily be remedied, it seems).

And then they want to go ahead and sue Apple over it. Really. Get a grip! You bought the piece of hardware which was locked, in more than one way, and you yourself decided to crack it wide open. Though luck than if it breaks – you get to keep all the pieces!

If you wanted to tinker with it, buy a phone with a platform that is open.

EDIT: I’ve stumbled over this blog entry which makes the point nicely.