GPRS/3G connections using Mac OS X

Here’s a simple howto to get your Mac internet-connected using GPRS/3G on your bluetooth-equipped phone. I’ve only tested this with my Motorola V3 and Vodafone (Spain), so no guarantees about the other providers, but the main part should be the same.

First, let’s prepare:

  1. download the necessary Modem scripts from Decompress the StuffIt! file (eg. with The Unarchiver) and copy the files into /Library/Modem Scripts.
  2. check your operator’s settings on this page (for Vodafone, it lists user/password: vodafone/vodafone, and APN

Now, set your phone to be detectable, and pair it with the Mac:

  1. Go to System Preferences, Bluetooth, and use ‘Set Up New Device…’. Follow the wizard, and make sure to select ‘Use a direct, higher speed connection to reach your Internet Service Provider (GPRS, 1xRTT)’.
  2. Set the Username and Password as found above (for vodafone/vodafone)
  3. Set the GPRS CID string to the APN found above (for
  4. Select the correct Modem Script for your phone. I used Motorola GPRS CID1
  5. Check ‘Show Bluetooth status’ and ‘Show modem status’.

That’s it. Now you should be able to connect, starting ‘Internet Connect’ and clicking on Connect.

What I’ve been doing…

What have I been doing the last times… well…

1. I flashed my Moto phone with the latest stable firmware, and it still works, and I’ve got video recording and more speed and a searchable addressbook and .. and.. Well, you know – flashing it made me sweat beyond belief (like OMG is it going to work? or not? *panic*)

2. I bought some RedHat books for Enterprise Linux 3 and maybe getting the certificates for RHCT and RHCE.. and whatever. I’ll see – studying time.

3. I changed the blogging software we use on the website (which is the site of Diana and me) from sphpblog to WordPress, which seems to be a bit more maintained. We decided to move after Diana’s sphpblog got hacked, and well.. her new blog is now up at and her site is now at :P (and yes it looks great :)
I’ve also ‘modded’ an existing plugin for WordPress and made a sphpblog to WP convertor: you can find those below.

4. I’ve gone back to Spain on the meanwhile too, but for that you’d better see our blog. Not gonna repeat that here. I’m WAY too lazy :p

5. I’ve gotten my girl her birthday present, it looks nice :p and I’ll say later what it is because she also reads this blog *g* :P

6. I nearly finished painting my new livingroom! Just need to throw out a bunch of crap more and paint the place that’s used by that crap, but that’ll hopefully be done in two-three weeks.. I have 12h-shifts the whole week next week, and no time in the weekends, and then going back to spain for a week, and then… well… we’ll see :p

That’s about it! (125 downloads) (132 downloads) (116 downloads)

Motorola V3

A few weeks back I finally decided to get me (yet another…) new phone.. and I decided on the Motorola V3. Coming from using a multitude of phones from different vendors, this one took me the longest to get used to. It has a different style phonebook, the menu system is totally different, … Intuitive, yet different. The manual, on the other hand, is totally crap. Half of the things aren’t explained, but being a good geek – who reads manuals anyway? :P

Having had the phone now for a while, I can say I really love it :) It’s got a sleek design, the photographs aren’t the best (but hey, I’ve got a Canon A95 if I want to take photos), the sound quality is great, reception is great, phonebook could be better (only searching on the first letter for instance)

It comes bundled with MobilePhoneTools, which works, tho I kinda miss some of the functions the Nokia mobile phone suite has. Ah well..

On the fun side, I discovered that there’s a complete modding scene out there with respect to Motorola’s phones !

I’ve not taken the step yet to actually flashing my phone, but it all looks very interesting… :P