A new home, a new look

I finally decided to retire my custom-written CMS (wrote it back in 2003, when I had more free time), which – while obviously fantastic, super advanced, and capable of making coffee for you – had some drawbacks. Mostly being that it was a pain to use and update content with.

I also maintained a blog, on another domain, which was being updated more frequently than this site.

So, to make matters easier on myself, I’ve merged the (old) articles with the blog and moved it to my main domain – kcore.org.

I also threw in a new look (which – If you’re reading this on RSS – you won’t notice), activated SSL (thanks to Let’s Encrypt), and installed a boatload of redirects to keep the spice flowing!

Welcome! :)

WordPress Widgets!

I just finished creating three new WordPress Widget Plugins. Some are conversions of older plugins I made for WordPress, one is brand stinkin’ new.

The initlal motivation for creating these was that Sade (my SO) wanted to use the Flexo Archives Widget to make the archives links look better. Unfortunately, the widget approach is an all-or-nothing approach: either you do it all in widget way, or you don’t do widgets at all. (yes I know, this is not 100% correct, but good enough for now). Since she used several older plugins to display information in the sidebar, this wasn’t ideal.

So I set out creating the needed widgets ;)

Some technical blabla: Widget plugins are plugins that sit in your sidebar, and you can easily modify the order of your sidebar without having to edit the sidebar.php file that comes with your theme. Even better: if your theme supports it, the sidebar will look identical, no matter what theme you use!

To use it, log in as administrator and go to Presentation -> Widgets.

Now, without further delay, my widgets, which you can see in action on Sade’s Blog:

  • Countdown Widget: This widget will count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until events you can set in the configuration.
  • Projects Widget: This widget shows project status, in percentages, and also a bar-graph. You can choose between four colours for the bargraph.
  • Webrings Widget: This widget will display your webrings, with the usual next/previous/random/list links. Optionally you can set a picture instead of the name.
projects-widget-2.0.zip (121 downloads)


webrings-widget-2.0.zip (119 downloads)


countdown-widget-3.0.zip (118 downloads)