In Memoriam

Macchiatto - In Memoriam

Today we had to put Nero to sleep. Unfortunately he caught an infection, for which we treated him, but it was too late. He never really got better, and we couldn’t see him suffer any more. We’re gonna miss him very much, our little pooter.

May you rest in peace, Nero. ° August 2006 – † 5th Nov 2010

In Memoriam

Macchiatto - In Memoriam

We had to put him to sleep. He had an infection that we didn’t catch in time. We’re sad. Nero is sad. We’ll miss his pooting and wooting and generally being himself.

Macchiatto, sweet smooth coat cavy. ° August 2006 – † 20th July 2009

Cage change

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We made another change to our cavies’ cage: we put it on a table (so we see them better and they see us better):

Cage on a tableAnd here are some pics of our little (well, not so little anymore…) critters:
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Today I put them little critters outside for a change, in an old cage we have standing around. It was obvious that they had a bit of a hard time adjusting to all the noises that are there and as such they were hiding a lot…

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Destructive critters…

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Those cavies are damn destructive creatures! We installed a wooden stairs made of balsa for them, basically they trashed it completely… So I went out and got a new piece of balsa, cut it to size and installed it (leaving the old one for chewing):


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