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1st of December, month of snow, christmas, and togetherness…

The Queen and The Soldier (Susanne Vega)

2 minute read

The soldier came knocking upon the queen’s door He said, “I am not fighting for you any more” The queen knew she’d seen his face someplace before And slowly she let him inside.


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Counting down yet again… The days that we are apart are long.. and the time we spend together seems to last an eternity… So well, until the 28th of october this time…

Shiny Happy People (REM)

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Shiny happy people laughing Meet me in the crowd People people Throw your love around Love me love me Take it into town Happy happy Put it in the ground Where the flowers grow Gold and silver shine

The Human Equation - Day Twelve: Trauma (Aryeon)

1 minute read

[Reason] Think hard, you are lying here in a hospital bed Disregard the emotions inside your head Concentrate on the real world beyond your mind It’s not to late to leave your burdens behind