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To Spain and back again!

2 minute read

I’ve spent the last 12 days together with my lovely girlfriend… Travelled off to Spain last week on wednesday, to find her in Barajas Airport. she came together with her mum to pick me up :) Had a lovely stay at the Abba Hoteles in the Pza. de Castillia, tho the elevators are a bit noisy there :(

Happy birthday!

less than 1 minute read

**Feliz cumpleaños cariño!**

The Swan Song (Within Temptation)

less than 1 minute read

Winter has come for me, can’t carry on. The chains to my life are strong but soon they’ll be gone. I’ll spread my wings one more time.

Black day

less than 1 minute read

Another black day for the world: G. W. Bush won the 2004 elections. Great. Fantastic! Now we’re atleast sure that the US will be hated even more throughout the world than it already is… Wonder what stupid decisions he’ll make this time. Perhaps rule that the US is the only power in the world that should be allowed nuclear weapons, and that every country that doesn’t do it’s bidding must be atta...


less than 1 minute read

1st of December, month of snow, christmas, and togetherness…