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July meeting!

3 minute read

Last thursday, the 30th of June to be precise, Diana landed back in belgium :) After going through hell traffic we got home, spent a quiet evening there. We watched The Tuxedo) and went to sleep.

RIAA Settlements for 5$?

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A friend of mine pointed me to

Going to España

less than 1 minute read

I’m going to Spaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiin again to see my girl on the 27th of May!

Allnighters at work

less than 1 minute read

Okay, first time I spend an entire night at work, because of a multicast routing problem. It took us a while to diagnose and to figure out where it went wrong and why it did… And having spent a 12h shift before, and then after would’ve been quite deadly ;p

26th.. Back to Belgium

1 minute read

Fenfen dragged us along to see some more nice viewpoints around Saarland, and old castle that was preserved more or less up a hill< insert name here >. From the tower you have a very lovely view of the surroundings :) During the walk down we did some impromptu-footballing with a rock, which unfortunately had to stay behind near the bottom of the walk.