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New blog!

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As you might have (not) noticed, I’ve migrated this blog from using sphpblog to WordPress.. It seems a lot more maintained, and well, it’s nicer overall :)

September in Spain

2 minute read

On tuestday, 20 september I took the plane (yes, I gave it back ;p) once again to spain, to visit Diana :) :)


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Motorola V3

1 minute read

A few weeks back I finally decided to get me (yet another…) new phone.. and I decided on the Motorola V3. Coming from using a multitude of phones from different vendors, this one took me the longest to get used to. It has a different style phonebook, the menu system is totally different, … Intuitive, yet different. The manual, on the other hand, is totally crap. Half of the things aren’t explai...