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It's oh so quiet…

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Yeah, yeah, I know, that title is about the lamest I could come up with. It’s appropriate though - since yesterday evening the main source of background noise when my pc is on is no longer my pc! I finally decided to get that noisebucket tamed, after hearing my brother-in-law’s new computer (or better, the lack of hearing it).

What we've been doing…

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Diana’s been here since the 27th of july, and we’ve been busy bees sofar ! Ofcourse the necessary amount of relaxing and just enjoying the time, too :)


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Querer - Cirque Du Soleil (Alegria)

phptelemeter 1.32 released

less than 1 minute read

I’ve just released phptelemeter 1.32. This version includes the following changes:

Short German Trip

1 minute read

It seems that visiting Germany is becoming a habit of ours during summer ;) This time we went to visit Laura, Christian and Lumi (and Fina, the cat) in Germany, last (long) weekend.