Cadaver and proxy auth

At work we regularly have to send over files to $vendor. $Vendor has two ways of accepting files: FTP, and Webdav (over https). Since our company’s policy is to not send things out unencrypted, we have to go the webdav way. It’s also the policy to send things over our internetproxy if possible.

After some searching for a console-based webdav client we ran across cadaver, a lightweight client that seemed to do the trick. It has proxy support, so great ;)

What isn’t so great is that it doesn’t have any way to supply the proxy authentication in a non-interactive way, which is crucial to allow us to script this file transfer.

Today I took the time to create a patch that allows just that – setting the proxy info in advance. It also includes a parameter to trust the server certificate implicitly, otherwise it was yet another step where cadaver would come and ask for user input.

Now it works like a charm! :)

One week of working!

After one week of working again, here’s a quick .. urr.. reviewish kind of thingy:

Trains suck. Really. Comon, it can’t be THAT hard to get a train to be on time for atleast the majority of time, not the other way around. I’ve taken the train 10 times this week, of which it was too late 7 times. Not what I’d call a good track record. (track record.. get it? .. nevermind)

I’m damn tired every evening. Guess I still have to get used to the working cycle again…

It’s great to have work! Yay! I have things to do that I find interesting! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :p

Cars, cars, cars

I’m in the market for a car.

Why, you might ask? Because my future work will no longer give me a car to use. That’s fine, the payrise covers it (and more ;) )

The questions are:

  • what car?
  • new or second hand?

Half of my friends tell me to buy a new car (even my dad told me to buy a new one – I drive accident free, so why not). The other half of my friends tell me to buy a second-hand one, since a new one is ‘throwing away money’. They have a point too.

And what car to buy… I was doubting for a while to go with a Toyota Auris, but the space when sitting with two is too little, it feels very cheaply built and the engine ain’t that (the 1.4 diesel, the 2.0 is too expensive). So I scrapped Toyota, and right now the Volkswagen Golf (On-Tour edition) with extras. Very nice car, not cheap (unfortunately).

Tomorrow I’ll go and have a look at the Kia Cee’d and the Honda Civic Hybrid.

So, what do you (dear reader) think?

Work – the neverending story


I wrote earlier that I was going to start with CTG, that story has gone a bit awry.

During my 2-week vacation in Spain (more about that here) I was contacted by KBC and they made me a proposal which I accepted. So, I’m going to work at a bank, for a bank! Scary! :p (damn, I’m going to get all mature and old….)

Uhm.. thanks CTG ;)

This gallery contains 2 photos.

I know some companies are thankful when an employee chooses to work for them (like I did – choosing to go work for CTG)… but it’s a first that the employer actually sends flowers to your home address with a thank you note :P

Flowers as they  … <a class= Continue reading

Work-event: Karting!

Today we went Karting with work in Brussels Kart, a karting / expo / restaurant thing in Groot-bijgaarden (just outside of Brussels).

It was a fun event, though I couldn’t participate in the karting itself (bad stomach aches / sickness for a few days, and I doubt they wanted to redecorate their karting track). In the end, the oldest guys from the team won :p

Afterwards we had a nice dinner there too. I hadn’t expected the restaurant to be so classy (including penguin-style personal table waiter), and the food was deliceous. I opted for _the_ veggy dish of the restaurant, which was veggies with tofu.

All the incriminating evidence can be found here.