Thank you for polluting

I’ve often wondered why people insist on letting their cars run when:

  • they’re in a shop, noone in the car
  • waiting in front of a bridge that’s up or a train crossing
  • standing still in a huge traffic jam
  • waiting in a closed (underground?) parking lot for someone/something

Don’t they get that they’re polluting like hell and wasting tons of gas? (And definitely in closed areas, it’s very unhealthy) And then people complain about gas prices, about pollution.. but doing _anything_ to help a bit? Naaah, too hard.

Meh, humanity. Doomed we are.

iPhone rant

Really. What’s up with iPhone owners these days? They buy an overpriced piece of equipment, knowing:

  • it’s SIM-locked
  • it’s a closed platform, no 3rd party apps
  • it’s SIM-locked
  • you can’t change the battery yourself
  • did I say it’s SIM-locked?
  • Apple tells them they might void their warranty when modifying the iPhone
  • it’s still SIM-locked. To AT&T.

So, looks like they’ve been warned. But they don’t care, go ahead, and after a while the necessary unlock programs were created (kudos to the devteams who did this, it’s a nice feat of engineering), and iPhones where unlocked, new 3rd party applications were created, the works. Nice.

Next up, Apple comes with a firmware update. Tells people that this might brick their hacked iPhones. Do people heed the warning given by Apple? Nope, they flash anyway, and then loudly complain that their iPhone has become a very expensive paperweight (this can luckely and easily be remedied, it seems).

And then they want to go ahead and sue Apple over it. Really. Get a grip! You bought the piece of hardware which was locked, in more than one way, and you yourself decided to crack it wide open. Though luck than if it breaks – you get to keep all the pieces!

If you wanted to tinker with it, buy a phone with a platform that is open.

EDIT: I’ve stumbled over this blog entry which makes the point nicely.

WiFi’s bad, mmmkay?

In case you don’t hate SCO yet (or don’t know them), they’re a company that sued IBM because they had allegedly put SCO code into the Linux kernel. The whole thing still has to be proven, point, counterpoint, yadda yadda yadda. Basically they want to make everyone pay a license to them if you use linux. Old news.

Newer news: SCO wants to ban open WiFi networks, because it would allow people to download… wait for it… omg… porn!

What the f<beep>k?

Firstoff: SCO, get a life.

Second: I don’t get the allmighty USA, I don’t get Americans.
Everybody has a gun, that’s allright, fact that you can get a gun without much trouble – no fuss there. What could possibly be the trouble? Someone might think that after the Virginia Tech shooting they’ll grow a brain, but I doubt it.

But really! OMG !!11!!!!! Someone might be looking at porn! OMG! There’s a hack that modifies a game that lets you see non-nude people doing sexual movements! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! Call in the fire brigade! I’m amazed they haven’t decided yet to throw a nuke on every open accesspoint they see, or declare them to be WMD.

Come on Americans! Wake up! Get a life!

Switch? No thanks.

Since I sold my trusty 3-year old Acer Travelmate 803, I was going to go and look in some stores for new laptops. Hopping around in Ghent, I walked off to the Fnac, noted the offers there (nothing that really drew my attention), and then to the Switch computer store (an authorized mac reseller). Their non-mac offerings are not too great (you can better go to another store), so I waited my turn at the counter, and when it was my time I asked for some more information about Macs and Mac OS X.

The usual fliers changed hands, and then I was offered a demo of the OS. Always nice, gives you a better insight into things, so I agreed.
Mistake. I’ve never been treated this badly in any store. You shouldn’t assume your customers are gullible children you can talk to in a way you’d talk to a 3-year old. That’s just not done. And I can’t stand it either..

So I walked out that minute, they can stuff their offers where the sun doesn’t shine!

(I have to say, Mac OS X looks damn spiffy…)