Having fun replacing a backup battery in a laptop

Yesterday I had some good old fun trying to replace the backup battery of an Acer Travelmate 803 laptop.

I thought that since this is a part that should be replaceable by the user, it should be reachable (like the memory, harddisk, you know). Guess again !

After flipping through the service manual (which I had luckily found), it seemed that there were no disassembly instructions for this battery. Looking on the blueprints of the motherboard, it showed the battery as being on the underside of the motherboard – ergo, requiring full disassembly of the laptop… wtf?!?

I’m damn glad that I had the manual, because otherwise I think getting this thing apart is not quite so easy.

Here are some after-disassembly-pics:
Disassembled mess
Disassembled mess, part two

And here, the battery…
The elusive battery

which ofcourse had to be of another type than the five we have in the house, so now I have to wait with the reassembly until tomorrow after I get the friggin’ battery! -damnit! Couldn’t they stick to the standard CR2032!?


Weird pc issues…

I’ve been having a weird issue with the motherboard on my pc. The first time you boot it in a day, it was very likely to freeze on you – either after the USB started flopping on and off, or the sound starting cracking, and so on… not very fun. Solution: power off the power supply for a minute, power it back on, and it would be good to go for the rest of the day. It’s not an unknown issue (see this thread on the Abit forums)

The weird thing is, this problem only started after switching cases due to noise. No idea why, the power supply is actually more stable than the previous one!

I recently related this to some coworkers, and one of them still had a spare motherboard around… so I recently replaced my Abit KN9-SLI mainboard with an Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe mainboard, and have had no problems since. I finally have a stable pc again! :)

Coffee and tea in Ghent!

Yesterday, when walking through Ghent, we discovered a new shop specialised in coffee and tea: Simon Lévelt on the Kleine Vismarkt (nr. 5) in Ghent. It’s a small shop easily passed, but really worth a visit.

From their choices we took home a 250g package of “Espresso Del Barista Bio” (espresso of the espressomaster), and a package of Pai Mu Tan, white chinese tea. We also got a freebee: Whitepoint mix, a tea mix of Bai Hao Yenzhen tea and Oolong tea.

We just had a cup of the coffee – it’s close to the best espresso we’ve had ever.

R.I.P. Arthur C. Clarke and Hugo Claus

Yesterday, Arthur C. Clarke, author of 2001: A Space Oddysey” and other great works, passed away at the age of 90. He’ll be sorely missed both by the science community and the millions of fans he had.

Today, Hugo Claus, a Flemish novelist, poet, playwright, painter and film director, died at the age of 78. He was considered to be one of the most important contemporary Dutch language authors.

Sad week for the world! :(