Belgium: FAIL!

Once again, Belgium is the laughing stock of the EU.

Once again, we’re without a government, due to their own inability to follow the constitutional division between the powers in the country (justice/political).


Politicians: pay back the wages you’ve been (over)payed, and go home. It really is time to put some people at the wheel that know what they’re doing, because obviously the ones we had up to now are le crap.

Wanna do drugs? Become a professional sportsperson!

I can get so goddamn annoyed at our local sport-crazy people…

The latest idiocy: Tom Boonen, a professional cyclist, has been caught (outside of a sports event) using cocaine. Using this drug is an offence, punishable by law.

What does our wonderful country do? “Oh, my, poor guy, he probably took it because he was so lonely… bad drugs! bad drugs! good Tom! Let’s make a martyr and a hero out of him, but most of all, let’s definitly not punish him!”

WTF?!? He’s just an idiot, who 1. doesn’t do SHIT for our country (he’s been living in Monaco since 2005, so we don’t really see any tax revenue from him), does harddrugs, and now says “I’m sorry” and everything is okay again?!?

His team is not gonna punish him. The government is not going to punish him. Luckely some other countries (thank you Switserland) have a bit more sense and banned him participating.

I really do hate this aspect of my country. Really really do.

Yet Another Illogical Legal Conclusion (YAILC)

In another episode of totally wonky legal battles, eBay was found guilty of selling counterfeit Hermes handbags by a french court.

So, let me get this straight:

  • Person A sells something on eBay that’s a fake
  • Person B buys said fake
  • Person B finds out it’s a fake, and instead of taking it up with the seller attacks the company that’s a mere falicitator of online auctions…
  • … and the french courts follow him?!??
  • Me no comprendo.


Today the government of Flanders imposed another “Smog alert”, atleast until tomorrow evening.


What is this, you might ask?When the amount of fine dust in the air exceeds the european limit (40 µg/m³), a speed limit of 90 kph is imposed on certain roads, to reduce this.

As posted by Wim in this post (in dutch), about the smog-alert end of 2007, this is actually quite moot – you drive less fast for 3-4 days in a year, but keep polluting the same all the other days. It’s also only mandatory in flanders, not in wallonia (go figure).

Also, completely accidental, the amount of speed-checks increases tenfold, and there’s the zero-tolerance.

I do agree that we need to do something about this problem – but not the short half-assed “solution” our government imposes (drive slower for 2 days) which only serves to increase their revenue through speeding tickets – but a real structural solution. Like:

  • higher taxes on the polluting cars
  • promoting the ecologically sound cards
  • making public transport usable for more people

I’m sure there are a lot more options, but these would be a start…

WiFi’s bad, mmmkay?

In case you don’t hate SCO yet (or don’t know them), they’re a company that sued IBM because they had allegedly put SCO code into the Linux kernel. The whole thing still has to be proven, point, counterpoint, yadda yadda yadda. Basically they want to make everyone pay a license to them if you use linux. Old news.

Newer news: SCO wants to ban open WiFi networks, because it would allow people to download… wait for it… omg… porn!

What the f<beep>k?

Firstoff: SCO, get a life.

Second: I don’t get the allmighty USA, I don’t get Americans.
Everybody has a gun, that’s allright, fact that you can get a gun without much trouble – no fuss there. What could possibly be the trouble? Someone might think that after the Virginia Tech shooting they’ll grow a brain, but I doubt it.

But really! OMG !!11!!!!! Someone might be looking at porn! OMG! There’s a hack that modifies a game that lets you see non-nude people doing sexual movements! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! Call in the fire brigade! I’m amazed they haven’t decided yet to throw a nuke on every open accesspoint they see, or declare them to be WMD.

Come on Americans! Wake up! Get a life!