Status update!

Short summary of what I’ve been busy with:

  • We’ve moved to a new place, near the city of Ghent. Lots of painting needed be done, decoration, stuff like that… kept me busy for the better part of two months. The results are viewable here.
  • We’ve also moved internet providers, since the all-in-one bundles (TV+Telephony+Internet) came out cheaper in the end. So I’m back at Telenet.
  • Friend from Spain came over during the Gentse Feesten. It’s a treat being able to go by bus to the centre of Ghent in 10ish minutes ;)
  • On a sadder note, one of our smoothcoat cavies, Macchiatto, passed away on july 20th.
  • I’ve managed to trash the linux installation on my macbook, and since I too lazy I put Mac OS X on it again. Said macbook also had to go in for repairs anyway (crack in the topcase). All fixed now, free of charge.

I think that’s about it. Mostly getting settled now in the new place… so far so good ;)

Being sick sucks!

Since last weekend I’ve been stuck with a nasty cold, reaching climax on wednesday when I bailed work at noon and went to the doctor. Sickleave until friday, and some painkiller (perdolan) and a coughsirup (mjummm.. not!)

Friday I was finally rid of it, and today (being sunday) I woke up with a totally inflamated throat making anything related to the throat nearly impossible due to the high level of pain… damnit!

Another doctor’s visit later I’m on Cataflam and Neogolaspetine spray, and two more days sickleave… meh.