Testing out silicone sponges

I was reading some stories (don’t ask my where anymore – might have been on reddit or Lifehacker) about silicone sponges to replace (the often gross) disposable sponges we used in the kitchen. Sounded like a great idea – something that you don’t need to throw away, that doesn’t become a bacterial warzone, durable.. but after trying it out I’ll be going back to the disposables.

This blog post “I Tried It: Goodbye Gross Disposables, Hello Silicone Sponge summarizes it nicely…

  • Wastes more soap/water – it just rinses off the sponge. It does the same with the bad bugs, but well…
  • Scrubbing is just a no go. No matter how much you try, it’s just not firm enough!
  • Breaks easily – the first sponge had several holes quickly enough. Might be because of the cheapo ones we got to try it out, though.

Why did you become a vegetarian?

“Why did you become a vegetarian?” – It’s one of those questions I get asked fairly frequently, when it comes to food choices / eating habits. I recently had the question again, at work – I’ve changed jobs recently, and it came up during a discussion. I guess it’s a good question, as not everyone has the same reasons.

(Bit of a backstory: I come from a rural home, so I’m no stranger to the ‘meet your meat’ kind of thing – I’ve fed, petted, played, and (helped) kill animals that were bred for their meat. Can’t say I enjoyed the latter part, but it was a part of life.)

My original reasons were very.. eh..  selfish: I’m lazy.

As my girlfriend was living with me (at my parents house) during a sabbatical year she was taking, and combined with the odd hours I was working (two shifts), she cooked for the two of us. Already being a vegetarian, she cooked a veggy meal – but in no way opposed if I would want to cook a piece of meat. But, as I said: I’m lazy. It also opened up my palate to the wonderful world of vegetarian food, meat replacements, spices, …

After nearly a year of not eating meat, I noticed – the first time round when I got served a piece of meat – that it disagreed with me. It tasted off. The texture was wrong.
Fast forward 10 years, and I’m now a nearly 100% vegetarian. My only vice is the once-a-year (or so) seafood pizza. I’ve stopped eating meat, poultry and fish, and cannot say that I miss it. Even more so, the smell of fried meat is something that nauseates me. Strange but true.

These last few years, I’m actually quite happy that I don’t eat meat anymore…

  • The food scandals going round (meat being sold of such quality that is way below what is allowed for consumption)
  • Horrible treatment of animals. (and I’m always cynically amused by the fact people don’t realise just how bad animals are treated)
  • Waste of water with growing all the foods required to feed the proverbial 1kg of meat. In a world where water is becoming scarcer and scarcer
  • Pollution due to the transport of cattle all over the place (note: if you don’t watch where your vegetables come from, you’re likely just as bad of)

Will I ever become a vegan? Probably not. I’m too fond of cheese!

A new home, a new look

I finally decided to retire my custom-written CMS (wrote it back in 2003, when I had more free time), which – while obviously fantastic, super advanced, and capable of making coffee for you – had some drawbacks. Mostly being that it was a pain to use and update content with.

I also maintained a blog, on another domain, which was being updated more frequently than this site.

So, to make matters easier on myself, I’ve merged the (old) articles with the blog and moved it to my main domain – kcore.org.

I also threw in a new look (which – If you’re reading this on RSS – you won’t notice), activated SSL (thanks to Let’s Encrypt), and installed a boatload of redirects to keep the spice flowing!

Welcome! :)