My history in gadgets…

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As a geek, I’ve always been quite the gadget freak. The fact that my father was also interested in the newest toys didn’t help.

A quick list of my gadgets and phones over the years:

PDA history:

Psion Siena
Psion Siena

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Goodbye, Palm!

“Goodbye, my trusty Palm!
May you bring joy to your new owner and know many more years of use!”

… and there was much rejoicing …

(Yeah, I sold my Palm TX – Didn’t use it anymore since I got the E65…)

Boys with Toys

YAY! My new toy got delivered today!

Doesn’t it look nice? It’s a Palm T|X, the latest model from the Palm factory.It’s charging as I type, and looks very sleek and futuristic with it’s black/blueish look :)

After my previous PDA (Palm Tungsten T|3) which has served me faithfully for three years, it’s a nice upgrade :)

I’ll post my findings in days to come.

atvsync 0.1

ATV Sync is a simple script that allows you to easily synchronise the premade ATV PalmOS databases to your PalmOS-powered handheld.


Put your list of channels in atvsync.conf (as they are listed on the webpage, substituting space for underscores and keeping capitalisation).
Next, make sure your Palm is around, you’re connected to the internet and run the atvsync script. This should then proceed to download the respective database files and next use pilot-xfer to transfer them to your Palm.


  • Active internet connection (to get the database files)
  • Palm pilot (to sync them upon)
  • Pilot-link (at
  • ATV TV Viewer (see ATV website)
  • wget (comes shipped with all linux distros)
atvsync-0.1.tgz (85 downloads)