What we’ve been doing…

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Diana’s been here since the 27th of july, and we’ve been busy bees sofar ! Ofcourse the necessary amount of relaxing and just enjoying the time, too :)

Short German Trip

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It seems that visiting Germany is becoming a habit of ours during summer ;) This time we went to visit Laura, Christian and Lumi (and Fina, the cat) in Germany, last (long) weekend.

April 2006

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Saturday, 8th On saturday, I went to pick up Diana, and we drove straight on to Ikea in Zaventem, to look for some general stuff and to check out their couch department. We decided on the Lund Valla couch (the red one), which comes in a handy do-it-yourself package :D It’s very comfy, you do need the pillows tho. Otherwise the back is a bit hard.

Newyear in Madrid

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I spent my newyears in Madrid, went there the 28th (evening). After an uneventful flight, we went to Diana’s place, didn’t do much and went to sleep.

There and back again

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I went, had fun, came back (unfortunately)… It’s all on Diana’s blog!

Trip in October…

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Last week I went back to Spain to visit my girl – it was an overall quiet and relaxed stay, we didn’t really do much – except making american style pancakes (thick ones) *mjumm* and we went to an Indian restaurant, the Taj where we tried the Chicken Vindaloo (Red Dwarf anyone?).

September in Spain

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On tuestday, 20 september I took the plane (yes, I gave it back ;p) once again to spain, to visit Diana :) :)

July meeting!

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Last thursday, the 30th of June to be precise, Diana landed back in belgium :) After going through hell traffic we got home, spent a quiet evening there. We watched The Tuxedo) and went to sleep.

26th.. Back to Belgium

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Fenfen dragged us along to see some more nice viewpoints around Saarland, and old castle that was preserved more or less up a hill< insert name here >. From the tower you have a very lovely view of the surroundings :) During the walk down we did some impromptu-footballing with a rock, which unfortunately had to stay behind near the bottom of the walk.

Crucifictions on the 25th

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This fine day we went with Fenfen to Saarlouis, his hometown, a small quiet town next to Saarbrücken. First we went to see the Teufelsburg, which translates to “The Devil’s Castle”. There are some midieval organisations that use this as a place for their campments or to perform acts, which can be found here. Afterwards we went into the city itself for a quick dinner, and moved on because Fenfe...

24th.. Germany, here we come!

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Today we ran off to Germany, Saarbrücken to be more precise, which we reached in about 4,5 hours, driving in turns and taking a pitstop here and there to refuel / restock. We also had the honor of having some lovely traffic jams due to roadworks in the province of Luxembourg, but we got there in the end.

23rd, and a faim fatale!

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This fateful day we met up with an old friend of mine (actually, ex-gf *panic*) in Ghent, were we had lunch at a cute little bar, then walked over to a deliceous Chocolate Bar (mjummy choco milkshakes… *melt*). And the two girls had lots of fun (I wonder what they’re planning against me… *runs away in terror* *g*)

22st! Something something!

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We went to see the city of Ostend today, which is one of the coastal cities of Belgium. We had some bad weather for starters, but it cleared out pretty quickly. And most of all: it was _quiet_. ;) We walked along the coastal line for some km, enjoying the sounds of the sea and the refreshing winds ;)

21st… Monday monday…

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Today after my work (waaaaay to early to get up.. *snif*) we went to act like little children in Mini Europe, a place with tons of scale models of great sights (and sometimes sounds!) of the European countries. Unfortunately several models weren’t finished yet when we went there, but that’s okay. After spending more than an hour in that place (ooh! A button! *push* *bark! bark bark!*) we walked...

20th.. Battice, here we come

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Today we went to Battice – Vervies, to a whiskey festival, where the pipeband I play in played several times. It was okay, prolly more fun if you’re a fan of whiskey ;p which, for the record, I’m not really. After a tiring day we went back home again, and had a quiet eventing at home. Nothing much, really.

19th.. Diana’s here!

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After picking Diana up from the airport, we went to Ikea in Zaventem to pick up some stuff we’d need for home still (living with two requires organizing). After that we went to Brussels (you know, capital city of our pocketsized country called Belgium ;p) which unfortunately was crowded due to a general strike by the labour unions with the oncoming TOP-meeting of the EU in brussels. I must say ...

To Spain and back again!

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I’ve spent the last 12 days together with my lovely girlfriend… Travelled off to Spain last week on wednesday, to find her in Barajas Airport. she came together with her mum to pick me up :) Had a lovely stay at the Abba Hoteles in the Pza. de Castillia, tho the elevators are a bit noisy there :(